10 top choreographers at one place

The TYBAS DANCE INTENSIVE is the dance event for urban, jazz and contemporary styles in the north of Germany.

We’re bringing you an amazing line up of 10 national and international choreographers with 20 classes and versatile styles. 2 days packed with dance, training and community. 


- Spikey Lee Claessens (Amsterdam)
- Maike Mohr (Hamburg)
- Dimitry Akimenko (Russia)
- Andy Calypso (Hamburg)

- Belen Leroux (London)
- Isa Blum (Munich)
- Jonathan Ott (Berlin)
- Chris Icon & Natalia (Jamaika)
- Milad Fakhri (Frankfurt)
- OXA (Brasil)


Download the full program here (German version): Download.

The following classes are already sold out:
- Floor Work Level 1 with Dmitry Akimenko on Saturday from 2.45 - 4.15pm
- Contemporary Tricks 1 with Dmitry Akimenko on Sunday from 2.45 - 4.15pm


Level 1: advanced beginners and intermediate dancers
Level 2: advanced dancers


- optional Meet & Greet lunch break with the teachers
- exclusive showcase with dancer and singer OXA on Sunday evening 
- create your own schedule, mix and match the classes that you want to take (please list the classes you want to take in your registration email!)
- go full out in 90 min classes
- EARLY BIRD reduced prices until the 2nd of September 2019!!

You can choose your classes from the schedule - please add your classes to the registration mail. 
You can sign up here: lena@tybas-dance.com.
If you spontaneously want to dance even more, you can book classes during the dance intensive, as long as there’s availability and the classes are not fully booked yet. 

(please let us know wich classes you want to take)

Early Bird reduced prices until the 2nd of September 2019

1 day = 129€
2 days = 229€

Regular prices from the 3rd of September 2019

1 day = 159€
2 days = 299€

(please let us know wich exact class you want to book)

1 class: 34€
2 classes: 66€
3 classes: 98€
4 classes: 130€
5 classes: 162€
6 classes: 194€
7 classes: 226€
8 classes: 258€
9 classes290€

Please let us know if you want to join the Meet & Greet Lunch, on wich day and if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, so we can make sure there’s great options for everyone. The lunch is not included in the workshop fees. 

The classes during the Tybas Dance Intensive are mainly adressed to adults, but also to teenagers aged 14 and older.

If you’re unable to attend the workshop for reasons that cannot be changed you’re allowed to find another person to take over your spot and fees. Otherwise you’re fully charged for the workshop. A minimum of 12 registrations are needed for each class to take place.